Vector21V-O-L-T™ SYSTEM Vector-Optimized Laminar Therapy (V-O-L-T) System is a powerful performance feature within the high-flow therapy design of Vector21. In laminar flow there are no cross-currents perpendicular to the direction of flow, nor eddies or swirls of water. This delivers maximized flow volumes and significant hydrotherapy benefits.  Also unique are the Jetpods: Directional Jetpods provide deep muscle massage by targeting precise locations; Orbital Jetpods address a broad area with a rotating massage delivering a strong, paced flow and a true sensation of massage movement on the skin; Conal Jetpods benefit an expanded skin surface area with a gentler massage. But the colossal Whitewater-4™ jet will really move you with a stimulating foot, leg or whole-body massage.

Simple to understand and operate, Variable Velocity Valves (V³) are the Vector21’s primary flow-control system. Throttle from 0 to 100 percent of a pump’s water flow to specific seats. Between three and five V³ Throttle Controls are available depending on which hot tub you select, each located near the seat or pair of seats it activates. How smart is that!


The V94

Therapy Seats: 8
Jets: 41

*Microsilk® option available



The V94L

Therapy Seats: 7/7
Jets: 44

*Microsilk® option available




The V84

Therapy Seats: 6
Jets: 37

*Microsilk® option available




The V84L

Therapy Seats: 5
Jets: 36

*Microsilk® option available




The V77L

Therapy Seats: 5

Jets: 27

*Microsilk® option available




The V65L

Therapy Seats: 3
Jets: 22

*Microsilk® option available