Providing what customers demand, including algaecides, balancers, sanitizers, and spa care products.



  • Polyquat 60 – highly concentrated, non-foaming algaecide that works to fight all algae types in any pool
  • Prevent – controls algae growth, ideal for smaller pools
  • Severest Algae Treatment – continuously destroys algae days after application


  • Alkalinity Up – raises total alkalinity and prevents “pH Bounce”
  • pH Up – raises pH and can help protect pool equipment from corrosive water conditions
  • pH Down – lowers pH and total alkalinity, safer and easier to use than muriatic acid


  • Microfloc Clarifier – reduces sanitizer consumption and helps to maintain sparkling water
  • UV Shield – Increases chlorine effectiveness and reduces chlorine consumption


  • 1″ Pure Tabs – stabilized chlorine protected from UV rays, slow dissolving and provides steady levels of chlorine into pool
  • 3″ Pure Tabs – stabilized chlorine protected from UV rays, slow dissolving and provides steady levels of chlorine into pool
  • Zip Chlor – high percentage of available chlorine in a granular product, easy of use makes it ideal for small pool maintenance


  • Shock & Swim – non-chlorine oxidizer will not raise chlorine levels and removes all combined chlorine
  • Multi Magic Shock – a multi use shock, it oxidizes, sanitizes, clarifies and buffers, it’s also fast dissolving and requires no predissolving

Trouble Shooters

  • Metal Magic – removes metals and stains caused by metals in pool water, safe for use with any type of pool equipment, also prevents staining and scaling and can be used to solve exisiting water issues
  • Dry Clarifier – increases filter efficiency by penetrating the sand with a highly effective polymer formula and reduces sanitizer consumption
  • Filter Magic – quickly loosens and removes oils, organic matters, calcium deposits and biguinide polymer material
  • Power Enzyme – eliminates waterline build-up, natural water clarifier and increases sanitizer efficiency