The Resort is worthy of both King and Queen. Its uniquely curvaceous design delivers comfort and exceptional hydrotherapy. Multilevel seating for five includes dual Adirondack Chairs: one featuring Lumbar H.O.T. Zone jets, the other featuring Shoulder H.O.T. Zone jets, and both featuring powerful leg and foot jets. Two deep therapy seats and an entry/cooldown seat complete the layout. A Regal6 Whitewater-4 jet brings the total H.O.T. Zone count to three, making for a truly decadent destination!


Product Specifications

size: 77 x 77 x 36 in
capacity/seating: 5
jets: 29 or 30 (2-pump)
pumps: 1 pump 240 gpm/2 pumps 320 gpm
electrical: 60 Hz, 240V/30 or 50A
filtration: 1 filters
water capacity: 260 gallons
weight dry/full: 600 lb


Specialized Massage Seats offer flexibility and variety. The Deep-Tissue Massage Seat (with Target Touch jets) delivers a focused stream of water ideal for chronic pain or active lifestyles. The Shiatsu Massage Seat (with rotating Pulse Touch jets) helps you relax and rebalance. Thanks to gentle, persistent massage, the Relaxation Massage Seat (with Multi-Touch jets) is a peaceful location to re-center. And the Swedish Massage Seat combines deep-tissue massage with a variety of sensations for all-in-one therapy.