Whether you are a do-it-yourself person, want to double check your results, or if you’re seeking some professional advice, our store offers a variety of ways to check the chemistry in your pool and spa.

We sell 4-way test strips for bromine and chlorine, as well as 7-way test strips which offer a simpler way to check more facets of your pool and spa water. liquid test kits, plus replacement reagents for those kits.

We also test for Chlorine Demand in our store. Chlorine demand or chlorine lock is when the chlorine in your pool becomes overwhelmed by contaminants such as herbicides, fertilizers, phosphates, etc. We charge $15 per pool. This cost covers the initial test as well as additional tests needed to check the status of the demand. Check out one of our older posts for more information on how chlorine demand happens and how to treat it.