Professional Pool & Spa is proud to sell Berlin Gardens poly lumber outdoor furniture. All Berlin Gardens furniture comes with a 20 year warranty. From sofas and firepits to dining tables and buffets, pergolas and Adirondack chairs, there’s plenty of ways to expand your living space.


POLY Lumber
At Berlin Gardens, all of the furniture is built using only the highest-grade poly lumber. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, this durable material is the secret behind manufacturing low-maintenance furniture designed to last decades. They use two types of poly in their furniture — both produced by leaders in the industry.

Manufactured by Tangent, PolyTuf™ recycled plastic lumber has become a mainstay of the furniture industry. Its high strength-to-weight ratio and versatility make it an excellent choice for most poly furniture.

VYCOM® Seaboard® HDPE is a denser alternative to PolyTuf™ This premium marine-grade poly (MPG) can be fabricated to create more customized furniture designs with a thinner profile.

Premium Hardware

Chrome-Plated Fasteners
Unlike other poly furniture manufacturers, Berlin Gardens only uses chrome-plated stainless steel fasteners. These fasteners resist corrosion better than standard stainless steel — keeping your furniture free from unsightly rust stains.

Aluminum Frames
Berlin Gardens use strong, welded aluminum frames to provide long-lasting support under tabletops and thicker furniture components. While the furniture is designed to keep most aluminum supports out of sight, those that are visible are powder coated to maintain an attractive, durable finish.