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New Spa Delivery!

new spa 2-72

We got in our latest spa delivery and you’ll definitely want to come check these babies out! The spa pictured above is a Marquis Spirit with Ash skirting and Midnight Onyx shell. The sample square doesn’t do this tub justice, it is a sleek and beautiful looking spa.

Come by next week and you can test drive this spa personally and see how a Marquis Spa fits your lifestyle. Plus, it was ordered with Marquis’ MicroSilk® technology so your skin will really feel pampered after a soak session in our store. Image feeling relaxed with hydrated skin in the comfort of your own home.

Spa Specs / Marquis Spirit

Exterior dimensions:  84″ x 66″ x 35″
capacity/seating: 3/4
electrical: 120V/15 amp or 240V/30 or 50 amp
water capacity: 200 gallons
jets: 32
pumps: 1 HP120 or 1 MP160, 120 or 160 GPM

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